These are all suppliers I have used.

Some of these suppliers charge for their catalogue.  Call or go online for prices.

American Science & Surplus

This is a VERY strange collection of surplus science stuff.  Neon wire found on this site.  Inventory changes.

P.O. Box 1030

Skokie, IL 60097


Beadalon/ Artistic Wire

Permanent colored copper wire, shiny and matte. You can order small spools online.

440 Highlands Blvd.

Valley Twp, PA 19320



Variety of brass, copper and aluminum

Also have Artistic wire and anodized aluminum wire (18, 14, 10 ga.)

34 West 46th Street

New York, NY 10036

212.944.0909  fax: 212.944.0644


Aluminum foil, copper foil, wire, tools

4825 Stoddard Road

Modesto, CA 95356


Paramount Wire Co.

Colored wire, magnet wire 

2-8 Central Avenue

East Orange, NJ 07018


Reactive Metals Studios, Inc.

More expensive wires, niobium & titanium

P.O. Box 890

Clarksdale, AZ 86324


Rio Grande

Major supplier of jewelry making supplies and tools

4516 Anaheim Avenue, NE

Albuquerque, NM 87113

800.253.9738           fax: 505.839.3016

Sculpt Nouveau Patinas

Friendly source of metal patinas

PO Box 460459

Escondido, Ca 92046

fax 760.741.1074

Also, do a Google search  or look in your Yellow Pages for industrial liquidators or electronic surplus dealers, or try e-Bay.


Best, Eleanor

Patterns for Weaving from Eight to Sixteen Harnesses

Bestudio publisher, 1996

This is my source for 12, 14 and 16 harness patterns

Bress, Helene

The Weaving Book, Patterns and  Ideas

Charles Scribner's Sons, 1981

Wonderful source of patterns and variations on patterns..  Mostly 4 harnesses.

Chandler, Deborah

Learning to Weave

Interweave Press, 1995

Excellent source for basic techniques.

Davison, Marguerite Porter, 

A Handweaver's Pattern Book, 

Marguerite P. Davison, Publisher,  1975

Classic source of 4 harness patterns

Fisch, Arline M. 

Textile Techniques in Metal

Lark Books, 1996

Excellent book, good instruction, ideas, bibliography and suppliers list.

Hughes, Richard &Rowe, Michael

The Colouring, Bronzing and Patination of Metals

Watson-Guptill Publications 1991

Actually this book and its recipes scare me.  It’s impressive on the shelf and great browsing.

McCreight, Tim

The Complete Metalsmith

Davis Publications, 1991.

Solid basic handbook of how to work with metals and tools.

Midgelow-Marsden, Alysn,

 This Lustr’ed Cloth: A Fibre Artists’ Workbook of Metals

Search Press

Basic information on texturing, coloring, embellishing and manipulating metals.


Strickler, Carol: editor

A Weaver's Book of 8-Shaft Patterns from the Friends of Handwoven

Interweave Press

Another good source of 8 harness patterns.

WeaveMaker Software

AVL Looms

This is the computer software I use on a Mac computer.

I did not comparison shop for this program, it was recommended by AVL for my Compu-Dobby


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