Wire and Metal Kimono Workshop

Title of Class: Creating Metal Kimonos Using Wire Thrums

                     One-day Workshop

                     Cost: $500 plus mileage and lunch


Have you collected precious treasures that you would like to put to a creative use? Using wire thrums from Susan McGehee’s woven wall pieces, you can attach your found bits and pieces to embellish bronze screening, then fold and shape to form a sculptural 12” x 12” wire and metal kimono.  Supplementary found items and wire will be provided.



Level of student expertise: Any level


Equipment and facility needs

·      Classroom or conference room with a table space and chair for each participant

·      2 tables for instructor’s materials

·      Podium

  • Projection screen
  • Table to support my projector 

Equipment and supplies for each student to bring.

  • Small wire cutters
  • Heavy-duty scissors
  • Small needle nose piers
  • Any found items, beads, shells, natural materials that have holes that allow for attachment 

·      Optional: Found items that can be shared by other students:

               ·  Extra pliers and wire cutters will be available so no one needs to purchase tools.



Student’s materials fee, $16           


Items included in this fee:

  • ·  Bronze screening
  • ·  Material to supplement items brought in by participants:
  • o   Beads
  • o   Electronic odds and ends
  • o   Shells
  • o   Found items
  • ·  Wire in a variety of colors
  • Handouts

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