Workshop: Weaving with Wire and Metal 


Level of expertise for participants:  INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED


Maximum enrollment 16, minimum at the discretion of the conference planners.

 MATERIAL FEE: $50, required of all participants.  Includes all materials needed and handouts.

Course Content

            Participants will learn that wire has many similarities to yarn and is easier to weave than they thought.  A variety of wires and metals will be used to create a 2-inch wide, 72-inch long sampler.  Techniques how to handle metals on the loom, sources of materials and a history of woven metals will be discussed.  Everyone will go home with a positive attitude towards using wire on the loom and a sampler. 

Course Outline

            I. View slides of woven wire and metals           

        II. Warp looms

                        Brief introduction to the tricks of warping with wire

                        Protect beams with toweling if participant feels it is necessary

                        2” pre-measured warp will be provided

                        Attach to loom

            III. Weave

                        Students will be given handouts with patterns to try

                                  Twills, double weave, laces, rya

                                Discuss variations of threading, color, and materials                       

            IV. Sources for materials and helpful books

            V. Finishing and hanging techniques

            VI. Discussion of completed samplers and future projects and possibilities

Needed equipment and facilities

        2 tables for instructor’s materials

  • Movie screen, and table to support projector for Power Point
  • Extension cord
  • If possible, a spool rack

Participant equipment and supplies

  • Table loom or portable floor loom with eithert 4 or 8 harnesses.

o   Small, light metal looms are not heavy enough to be successful with wire

  • Reed, 12 or 6 or 4  or 10
  • Flat shuttles
  • Tape measure
  • Wire cutters
  • Heavy tapestry needle
  • Heavy-duty scissors
  • Filler for weaving header
  • Notebook and pen and pencil
  • Optional: lamp with extension cord
  • Optional:Nylon jaw flat nose pliers

 I will provide

  • Handouts
    • Appropriate drafts for weaving with wire for both 4 and 8 harnesses
    • Hints on how to warp and weave with wire
    • Bibliography of magazines, books
    • List of sources
  • Pre-measured warp for a 2” x 72” sampler with lease sticks for each participant
  • Power Point slide show with projector
  • A wide variety of wire and metals for each participant
  • Corrugated cardboard to separate the warp as it rolls on. 



© Susan McGehee 2018